Liquid Investments

RP Liquid Emerging Markets Fund develops fundamental views without any benchmark or tracking error constraints across EEMEA. The portfolio manager and team believe correctly identifying individual companies’ growth and catalyst opportunities makes constructing a more diversified non-market correlated portfolio easier. The fund focuses on plain vanilla liquid listed securities on both the long and short side. Strict risk management prevents any overly aggressive net long positioning. The emphasis on liquidity means the strategy will avoid the esoteric instruments in emerging markets.

Private Transactions

RP Capital Group believes that there is a substantial opportunity for investments in well-managed SMEs in need of growth capital in the emerging markets where we operate. Potential target companies might not be yet ready to tap capital markets and their access to bank financing might be limited. RP has built a proven track record of investments in such companies in the form of mezzanine debt (convertible debt, preferred equity, etc.) and other financial instruments allowing investors to achieve some downside protection and equity upside participation whilst securing a well-defined exit. RP has made investments in a variety of sectors across its target region.

Real Estate

RP Capital Group manages India Blue Mountains, a hotel development fund in India, in partnership with Accor, a global hotel operator. The fund is developing three projects to build 4-star hotels in Mumbai, Pune and Goa. Previously, RP had run other real estate focused investment vehicles with a portfolio of properties in Central Europe and Russia from which it has now exited.


We focus our advisory practice on providing advice to private clients, corporations and public bodies in our target emerging markets. Often our advisory projects aim at helping RP’s investors to address a particular challenge they face in their pursuit for attractive investment opportunities. We work on financing solutions for a broad range of business situations from development to asset rehabilitation and acquisitions across a number of sectors with a particular focus on energy and power.